Better Not Bitter: Can We Talk About Family Court? (VIDEO)

Custody of child

Better Not Bitter: Can We Talk About Family Court?

Like a lot of other bloggers and authors, I have a Facebook page where I post motivating quotes and sayings, as much for myself as for the people who follow me. Surprisingly, a pretty good portion of my followers are men, many of whom are co-parenting, or attempting to co-parent children with their ex-spouses. One of those guys recently made me aware of a new documentary about divorce and the family court system that is narrated by Dr. Drew titled, Divorce Corp, “which exposes collusive practices in the U.S. family court system.” My Facebook follower is dealing with an issue in family court that is negatively impacting his ability to co-parent and he asked for my thoughts.

So I read this article and watched the trailer. I will probably purchase the DVD because I know people, like my Facebook follower, who weren’t able to come to terms with their estranged spouses and had no choice but to let a judge make decisions about their lives and their families. I’d like to learn more about the extreme cases in the documentary. In addition, I hope the documentary helps to increase the dialogue about a subject that is long overdue to be addressed.

via Better Not Bitter: Can We Talk About Family Court? (VIDEO).

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  1. says

    Divorce can be very difficult, but even harder when you have kids that have to go through the changes. I wish more parents could work together for the better of their children. The kids go through so much too. I wish we had know about these resources 20+ years ago.
    Stopping by from The SITS Girls

    • Wilma says

      Tamara – Thank you, I am trying to build a community so women live more for themselves and put the interests of their children before their pain. It’s hard but it’s worth it.

  2. says

    Ugh. Family court. Boy could I have used this blog 10 years ago. What a fabulous resource for those going through a divorce! #SITSBlogging #CommentLove

    • Wilma says

      Teri – yes, family court is an unpleasant place. Hopefully it will get better with open dialogue and pressure to fix what’s wrong.

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